How to play a ukulele

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Would you like to learn how to play a ukulele? This article will guide you on the steps you need to follow when playing the instrument. Ukuleles are of different types and the sound depends on the model. You should select the best type for you. There are four types of ukuleles.
Soprano – It is the most common ukulele. Soprano has a small size and produces a classic ukulele sound. This kind of ukulele is mostly preferred by beginners. It has a length of 21’ and has 12-14 frets.

The concert/ alto ukulele – It is bigger than soprano. It is 23’ long and consists of 15-20 frets. People with larger hands find it ideal to play as compared to soprano. Concert ukulele has a fuller sound than soprano.
Tenor ukulele – Tenor ukulele is slightly bigger than the concert ukulele. It is 26’ long and consists of more than 15 frets. This type of uke can reach more notes since it has an extended fretboard.
Baritone Ukulele – This is the largest of all and measures 30’, Baritone has more than 19 frets. You can tune it just like the four strings guitar and this makes the two instruments to be similar.  Due to its size, it loses the classic sound of ukulele but if you want full and vibrant music, this can be a good option.



1.    Learning the basics of chords-  Chord is when you play different tones at once creating a harmonic sound. To do this, you can use your left hand to hold down strings at the same time. Learning how to play chords is easy, you will be given the string number, particular finger you should use to create each sound and the fret number.
2.    Primary major chords- Most of the chords are formed when 3 or more notes are played together with the distance in the first and second notes being2 steps apart. A major chord is linked with cherry or happy music.
When playing a C major chord, put your ring finger on the fourth string on the third fret.
To play F major chord, place your index finger on the second string of the 2nd fret.
To play a G major, put the index finger on the 3rd string of the 2nd fret, the middle finger on the fourth string on the 2nd fret and the ring finger on the 2nd string of the 3rd fret.
To play A major chord, place your index finger on the third string of the 1st fret and the middle finger on the first string of the 2nd fret.
To play D major chord, place the middle finger on the first string of the 2nd fret and your finger on the second string of the 2nd fret then place your pinky finger on the third string of the 2nd fret.
To play E major chord, put your index finger on the fourth string on the 1st fret, the middle finger on the first string of the 2nd fret then your pinky finger on the 3rd string of the 4th  fret.
3.    Understanding the basic minor chords – These are three or more concurrently played notes where the distance in the 1st and 2nd notes are three half-steps. They are considered sad or gloomy sounding as compared with the major chords.
To play A minor chord – put your middle finger on the first string of the 2nd fret.
To play E minor chord, place your index finger on the fourth string of the 2nd fret and the ring finger on the 3rd string of the 4th fret.
To play a B minor chord, bar the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings with your index finger by grasping them all together on the 2nd fret and hold the first string down on the 4th fret using your ring finger.


To play a ukulele, the first thing you need is, of course, a ukulele. However, for beginners, I always advise to buy a cheap one to test your passion. Maybe after a few days go, you are not interested in ukulele anymore, you’ll not throw a fistful of dollars to the garbage. Take a look at best ukulele for the money article to get one for you. Now, time to practice.
1.    Practice your timing- After learning the basic notes and chords, combining them together may look simple, but you need a little timing. This is to enable your music sound melodic and cohesive. It’s nice to have a good rhythm.
Maintain a pace of your strumming pattern can be challenging at first as you learn how to change your left hand quickly between the chords and notes. To improve your timing, try to avoid breaks between finger adjustments.
When playing, count in 4s’ to enable you to maintain a beat while strumming.
You can use a metronome if you have challenging strumming on time. It is a small electronic device which sounds off little clicks at a steady rate; this allows you to pace your strumming so that it can match. You can change the speed it plays to suit your comfort level.
Start with a slow, steady rhythm to avoid making mistakes.
Try to practice on the regular basis - For you to be an expert uke player you don’t need to have the talent all you need is a lot of practice. Set 20-30 minutes for this daily.


How was the article? Have you liked it? It is my hope that now you know how to play a ukulele. As we have seen, these are very simple instruments and if you follow the above steps. It will be very possible to train yourself instead of booking lessons for the same. Remember to keep practicing what you have learned. You can also look for a machine that is suitable for you according to your level of skills. Anything else you would like to add? Feel free to post in the comments section. You can also share with your friends so that they can also learn.



Advantages of recliners for your home

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What is it that you look forward doing after a hard day’s work? I am sure it is putting your feet up and relaxing in your favorite chair. Today that favorite chair is the recliner. Recliners were introduced in the late 1920’s. The advantages of the recliner have increased its popularity. It is easy to operate and gives a high level of comfort.

Though the main feature is reclining it has the added ability to rock, swivel, massage and lift. Advantages of recliners are many. They benefit your health by providing relief in painful situations. If you want to get some affordable recliners, feel free to read about cheap recliners. Now, take a look at what a recliner could bring to you.

Back pain

Human species successfully started walking on two legs. However the strain to the spine is immense. This tightens the back muscles around the spine and causes back pain. Even sitting straight causes the back muscles to contract and there is strain. About 68% doctors recommend recliners for back pain. Recliners give extra support to the back. They relax the lumbar back muscles by taking away pressure from the lower back. Some recliner chairs also tilt back completely while still supporting the back. The body weight is spread evenly and this relieves pressure.

Improving blood circulation

Standing or sitting for prolonged period causes swelling of joints & feet and clogging of veins. This is an occupational hazard faced by many. This is due to the effects of gravity. Standing or sitting continuously makes blood settle in the lower legs causing swelling. An important advantage of using recliners is that they improve blood circulation by simply putting your feet up.  Patients with arteriosclerosis and elders also face the problem of poor circulation. Recliners help in improving your blood circulation. Putting your feet up is also good for your heart.  Some recliners also are equipped with massagers.

Pregnancy relief

Common problems in pregnancy are swollen ankles and painful joints. Back pain is also experienced and using a recliner is very relaxing. Recliners help to line up her centre of gravity by taking the extra weight off from the front. For pregnant women who suffer from lack of sleep and continuous discomfort recliners are very soothing.

Painful joints


Recliners are wonderful for people with arthritis. Improved circulation helps in alleviating pain. For patients who need help getting up rising recliners are very useful. Rising recliners help patients to get up independently without assistance. They can be manual or electric/battery operated. A simple activity like answering the door bell is easier. It is also a great morale booster for patients who feel that they are dependent.

Stress relief

We live in a stress filled world and relaxation is a luxury. Studies and research conducted on stress show that a lot of health problems are stress related. Headache, asthma, depression and heart ailments are a few common ones. Therapists insist on an hour of relaxation every day which does not include sleeping, Resting in a recliner chair and watching your favorite television program or even answering the phone is wonderful and a great stress reliever.  A relaxed mind is also essential for decision making and the future can also be stress free. The advantage of a recliner is that it allows you to alter positions without strain. Recliners now also have controls which can be operated easily.


Advantages of recliners are many. They must however be chosen judiciously to get the best benefit. Recliners are available in different types and sizes. There are traditional recliners, rocker recliners, swivel recliners, lift recliners to mention a few. A market survey will give you an idea of the cost and style most suited. The upholstery can also be chosen to match your interior. The operation of the recliner must be understood well before purchasing. In the case of a person with special needs the size depends on the user for the right size will give benefit but a wrong one may do harm. Recliners can be manual or electrically controlled. Children must not be allowed to play with the controls. The location of your recliner must be properly chosen. Recliners require space behind for the back to recline. In the case of physically handicapped or accident patients it is essential to consult your occupational therapist or physiotherapist before buying.


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Drift groundcover roses

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Drift groundcover roses are low growing landscape roses. Drift series were first introduced by Conard –Pyle/Star roses who brought out the Knock out Family of Roses. Drift rose series were designated as Louisiana super plant selection for fall in 2013. They are a cross between the full size ground rose and miniature roses. They seem to have inherited the best traits from both. From the miniature roses they get their height and free flowing nature.

They only grow up to 2-3 ft tall and spread to about 4 ft or more. Like the ground rose they are tough and resistant to disease. They produce flowers in clusters and sometimes produce double flowers too. They provide a complete carpet cover of colorful flowers when in full bloom. Drift groundcover roses produce 5 flower cycles and hence are picturesque almost throughout the year. The best are the spring bloom in Apr/May and fall bloom in Oct/Nov. Drift groundcover roses come in varieties of colors. They come in shades of pink, coral, red, peach, apricot, popcorn, icy and sweet drift. They have rich green foliage and colors can be combined and contrasted with spectacular results. They have fragrance but it is not overpowering.

Planting drift groundcover roses

Drift roses are planted in the fall in well prepared beds. Good drainage is essential so wet areas must be avoided. The bed must be enriched in organic matter. They must be planted 3-4 ft apart. The soil pH must be slightly acidic (6.0-6.5). The plants must receive about 8 hrs of sunlight daily. A slow or controlled release fertilizer should be used every spring. However care must be taken to follow instructions given on the label.
Mulch is essential for drift groundcover roses. Mulch prevents the soil from drying soon and also weeds are prevented. The roots also establish better this way. Weekly watering is sufficient except in case of areas of sandy soils when frequency may be increased. Drift roses are low maintenance and hence once the initial care is given they thrive very well. This plant is ideal for the busy lifestyle of today. Drift groundcover roses require pruning as they mature.  Pruning is not very complicated. It just involves taking a pair of shears and cutting off about 1/3 to ½ of the plant. They will grow again stronger and with more blooms.

Landscaping ideas

Drift groundcover roses are excellent to use in your landscape

Drift groundcover roses are excellent to use in your landscape. Drift roses can be grown in both large and small gardens. Being easy to maintain they can be your foundation plants. They make wonderful border plants. Their height makes it possible to use them to edge taller plants. They are ideal for terraces, pots, hillside etc. They brighten borders and can be used to fill empty spaces when landscaping.  Clustered together their bright colors make them stand out. If you have a pool groundcover roses can be planted around. They achieve both beauty and safety. They can be used against fences to give a colorful look.
They are used as borders in driveways. If your garden has boulders or walls they can be used to soften the effect. Drift roses look beautiful in containers and they can be grown easily in them. These containers can be placed wherever you feel the need to add color. They can be placed on either side of your front door, in the back yard patio or near the garage. Drift roses also look good in hanging baskets.

Awards and Prizes

Sweet drift rose was selected as one of the University of Georgia’s Plants of Distinction in 2013. Sweet drift rose was awarded the gold medal for Ground cover roses at the Rose Hills International Rose Trials in 203 and also won the Frederick Law Olmsted Award for Best Groundcover at Baltimore International Rose Trials in May 2013.


Rose plants can be got from a nursery. They can also be ordered online. Browsing the net will show you a variety of colors and places where you can get drift roses. They are resistant to pests and hence do not require great gardening skills to maintain. Drift groundcover roses are great blooms and with a little bit of creativity you can create a magical effect in your garden.



Drift roses vs knockout roses

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Have you been wondering the difference between drift roses and knock out roses? In this article, we shall try to compare the two. For instance, drift is a cross between miniatures and full-size groundcover roses. It has beneficial characteristics from each of the two. It is resistant to winter hardness and diseases just like the groundcover. Drift roses have a repeat blooming nature like the miniatures. These types of flowers are ideal for small gardens where a larger shrub may not be suitable.
knock out roses

On the other hand, knockout roses is a breed that is preferred by gardeners because it produces numerous blooms and requires less attention and care as compared to other varieties. These types of flowers usually grow fast, are drought resistant and are also versatile meaning they can grow anywhere. Let us now go through the features of the two varieties.


  1. Apricot drift- It portrays real ground cover characteristics. This type also offers a fresh appearance to the series. Double apricot colored flowers start to bloom in spring and display a season long show of color. It is disease resistant just like other drift flowers. This type is suitable along the paths and walkways or small gardens. They are 1-2’ tall by 2-3’ wide.
  2. Coral drift – It has bright coral-orange blooms which cover this little mounding shrub from mid spring to mid fall. This type has the most vibrant colors that are very appealing and can be noticed quickly. They are winter hardy and are resistant to diseases. Usually 1-2’ tall by 2-3’ wide.
  3. Pink Drift – This is a dwarf bush flower that has bright pink color with continuous bloom in all season. They are suitable for containers or garden border. They have a repeat blooming and are resistant to diseases. They are 2’ tall by 3’ wide.
  4.  Peach Drift -   It is one of the most floriferous types of dwarf shrubs available. This type is usually covered by soft peach blooms from mid spring to the first hard freeze of late fall. Peach Drift combines well with the existing perennials in all landscapes. It is strongly resistant to diseases.
  5. Red drift – In all the drift flowers, this type has the most petite flowers. It is ideal for use in front of border plantings. Red drift usually displays a striking statement when it drapes naturally over an edge or a rock wall.
  6. Sweet Drift – They are pink in color. These flowers are resistant to diseases and have a continuous flowering. Sweet drift flowers are ideal for hillsides, pathways or at the front of a border.
  7. Popcorn Drift – It is the latest type of drift flowers. This type begins as yellow and fades to cream white and at times suffused with light pink.


  1. Knockout – This is the original breed. It is bushy, disease resistant and requires low maintenance. This type produces hot pink /cherry red blooms which last up to the first hard frost. The original knockout is drought resistant, black spot resistant and does self-cleaning. It is ideal for all gardens. It is 4-5’ tall and wide.
  2. Double knockout- it is produced from the same breed that produces the original knockout. This breed is medium sized, fully double, 18-24 petals flowers and looks like a classic rose. Just like the first knockout, this type is black spot resistant and more winter hardy. It as a deep purplish green foliage. Size 4-5’ tall and wide.
  3. Sunny knockout – This type contains a Sweetbriar fragrance and a more compact upright habit as compared to other members of the family. It has bright yellow flowers which fade quickly into a pastel cream color. The yellow color is more intense in cooler periods. Sunny Knockout has dark, semi-glossy foliage which contrasts nicely with the bright flowers. Size 3-5’ tall and wide.
  4. White out – It has a good contrast between the deep dark, black foliage and has plenty of creamy white flowers. This type is disease resistant and very compact. It consists of a citrus fragrance. Includes 3-1/2’ flowers and grows 3.5’ tall by 3.5’ wide. 


Those are the most common differences between drift roses and knockout roses. Are you now able to differentiate between the two? If you are considering adding some flowers in your compound, you can consider any of the above. You should go for those which are more appealing to you. The best thing is that they have different colors, so it is very easy to choose your favorite. Do you have any comments or views? You can post them in the comments box below. You can also share the article if you learned something from it.


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