Drift roses vs knockout roses

Have you been wondering the difference between drift roses and knock out roses? In this article, we shall try to compare the two. For instance, drift is a cross between miniatures and full-size groundcover roses. It has beneficial characteristics from each of the two. It is resistant to winter hardness and diseases just like the groundcover. Drift roses have a repeat blooming nature like the miniatures. These types of flowers are ideal for small gardens where a larger shrub may not be suitable.
knock out roses

On the other hand, knockout roses is a breed that is preferred by gardeners because it produces numerous blooms and requires less attention and care as compared to other varieties. These types of flowers usually grow fast, are drought resistant and are also versatile meaning they can grow anywhere. Let us now go through the features of the two varieties.


  1. Apricot drift- It portrays real ground cover characteristics. This type also offers a fresh appearance to the series. Double apricot colored flowers start to bloom in spring and display a season long show of color. It is disease resistant just like other drift flowers. This type is suitable along the paths and walkways or small gardens. They are 1-2’ tall by 2-3’ wide.
  2. Coral drift – It has bright coral-orange blooms which cover this little mounding shrub from mid spring to mid fall. This type has the most vibrant colors that are very appealing and can be noticed quickly. They are winter hardy and are resistant to diseases. Usually 1-2’ tall by 2-3’ wide.
  3. Pink Drift – This is a dwarf bush flower that has bright pink color with continuous bloom in all season. They are suitable for containers or garden border. They have a repeat blooming and are resistant to diseases. They are 2’ tall by 3’ wide.
  4.  Peach Drift -   It is one of the most floriferous types of dwarf shrubs available. This type is usually covered by soft peach blooms from mid spring to the first hard freeze of late fall. Peach Drift combines well with the existing perennials in all landscapes. It is strongly resistant to diseases.
  5. Red drift – In all the drift flowers, this type has the most petite flowers. It is ideal for use in front of border plantings. Red drift usually displays a striking statement when it drapes naturally over an edge or a rock wall.
  6. Sweet Drift – They are pink in color. These flowers are resistant to diseases and have a continuous flowering. Sweet drift flowers are ideal for hillsides, pathways or at the front of a border.
  7. Popcorn Drift – It is the latest type of drift flowers. This type begins as yellow and fades to cream white and at times suffused with light pink.


  1. Knockout – This is the original breed. It is bushy, disease resistant and requires low maintenance. This type produces hot pink /cherry red blooms which last up to the first hard frost. The original knockout is drought resistant, black spot resistant and does self-cleaning. It is ideal for all gardens. It is 4-5’ tall and wide.
  2. Double knockout- it is produced from the same breed that produces the original knockout. This breed is medium sized, fully double, 18-24 petals flowers and looks like a classic rose. Just like the first knockout, this type is black spot resistant and more winter hardy. It as a deep purplish green foliage. Size 4-5’ tall and wide.
  3. Sunny knockout – This type contains a Sweetbriar fragrance and a more compact upright habit as compared to other members of the family. It has bright yellow flowers which fade quickly into a pastel cream color. The yellow color is more intense in cooler periods. Sunny Knockout has dark, semi-glossy foliage which contrasts nicely with the bright flowers. Size 3-5’ tall and wide.
  4. White out – It has a good contrast between the deep dark, black foliage and has plenty of creamy white flowers. This type is disease resistant and very compact. It consists of a citrus fragrance. Includes 3-1/2’ flowers and grows 3.5’ tall by 3.5’ wide. 


Those are the most common differences between drift roses and knockout roses. Are you now able to differentiate between the two? If you are considering adding some flowers in your compound, you can consider any of the above. You should go for those which are more appealing to you. The best thing is that they have different colors, so it is very easy to choose your favorite. Do you have any comments or views? You can post them in the comments box below. You can also share the article if you learned something from it.



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