Advantages of recliners for your home

What is it that you look forward doing after a hard day’s work? I am sure it is putting your feet up and relaxing in your favorite chair. Today that favorite chair is the recliner. Recliners were introduced in the late 1920’s. The advantages of the recliner have increased its popularity. It is easy to operate and gives a high level of comfort.

Though the main feature is reclining it has the added ability to rock, swivel, massage and lift. Advantages of recliners are many. They benefit your health by providing relief in painful situations. If you want to get some affordable recliners, feel free to read about cheap recliners. Now, take a look at what a recliner could bring to you.

Back pain

Human species successfully started walking on two legs. However the strain to the spine is immense. This tightens the back muscles around the spine and causes back pain. Even sitting straight causes the back muscles to contract and there is strain. About 68% doctors recommend recliners for back pain. Recliners give extra support to the back. They relax the lumbar back muscles by taking away pressure from the lower back. Some recliner chairs also tilt back completely while still supporting the back. The body weight is spread evenly and this relieves pressure.

Improving blood circulation

Standing or sitting for prolonged period causes swelling of joints & feet and clogging of veins. This is an occupational hazard faced by many. This is due to the effects of gravity. Standing or sitting continuously makes blood settle in the lower legs causing swelling. An important advantage of using recliners is that they improve blood circulation by simply putting your feet up.  Patients with arteriosclerosis and elders also face the problem of poor circulation. Recliners help in improving your blood circulation. Putting your feet up is also good for your heart.  Some recliners also are equipped with massagers.

Pregnancy relief

Common problems in pregnancy are swollen ankles and painful joints. Back pain is also experienced and using a recliner is very relaxing. Recliners help to line up her centre of gravity by taking the extra weight off from the front. For pregnant women who suffer from lack of sleep and continuous discomfort recliners are very soothing.

Painful joints


Recliners are wonderful for people with arthritis. Improved circulation helps in alleviating pain. For patients who need help getting up rising recliners are very useful. Rising recliners help patients to get up independently without assistance. They can be manual or electric/battery operated. A simple activity like answering the door bell is easier. It is also a great morale booster for patients who feel that they are dependent.

Stress relief

We live in a stress filled world and relaxation is a luxury. Studies and research conducted on stress show that a lot of health problems are stress related. Headache, asthma, depression and heart ailments are a few common ones. Therapists insist on an hour of relaxation every day which does not include sleeping, Resting in a recliner chair and watching your favorite television program or even answering the phone is wonderful and a great stress reliever.  A relaxed mind is also essential for decision making and the future can also be stress free. The advantage of a recliner is that it allows you to alter positions without strain. Recliners now also have controls which can be operated easily.


Advantages of recliners are many. They must however be chosen judiciously to get the best benefit. Recliners are available in different types and sizes. There are traditional recliners, rocker recliners, swivel recliners, lift recliners to mention a few. A market survey will give you an idea of the cost and style most suited. The upholstery can also be chosen to match your interior. The operation of the recliner must be understood well before purchasing. In the case of a person with special needs the size depends on the user for the right size will give benefit but a wrong one may do harm. Recliners can be manual or electrically controlled. Children must not be allowed to play with the controls. The location of your recliner must be properly chosen. Recliners require space behind for the back to recline. In the case of physically handicapped or accident patients it is essential to consult your occupational therapist or physiotherapist before buying.

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